Open Library Environment


What Is FOLIO?

FOLIO is many things. It is a unique community of vendors, libraries and commercial organizations.

It is also an open, extensible library services platform. Currently we are using the platform to develop traditional resource management features including circulation, acquisitions, and e-resource management functionality, which will allow libraries to replace their integrated library systems.

As a services platform, libraries can use FOLIO to imagine and innovate new services such as resource sharing, systems integration, data resource management, workflow engines, digital repositories, portfolio management, and more.

What is the relationship between FOLIO and OLE?

FOLIO is OLE’s flagship investment in open source solutions for libraries. It is the focal point of a creative collaboration between OLE, EBSCO Information Services, and Index Data to deliver a new library services platform to transform library technology.

What is the relationship between FOLIO, OLE and the Open Library Foundation?

The Open Library Foundation is the administrative home of OLE and other open source software communities. The Foundation provides the infrastructure by which the library community can organize, contribute to, and benefit from our projects — ensuring availability and a “safe haven” for our projects’ output that is separated from the needs and goals of any single contributor, user or affiliated party.

The Open Library Foundation also holds the FOLIO Apache v2 license.

How do I get involved with the FOLIO Community?

Join OLE! We have many avenues for engagement on the project and OLE can help you to identify the best fit for you or your organization. Contact Us for more information.

How can I stay informed of FOLIO updates?

Sign Up for community updates to stay informed!

I am a developer. How do I learn more about FOLIO software development?

Visit for more information.