Open Library Environment


About OLE

OLE is a global library community that empowers libraries to collaborate on innovative and open solutions by pooling resources and insights.

Our Mission

OLE empowers the library community to re-examine business operations and develop new workflows that reflect the changing nature of scholarship; OLE liberates libraries from outdated models and proprietary technologies through creative collaboration and open source development; OLE collaborates on open source initiatives that strengthen libraries’ capacity to innovate and meet the needs of their users; OLE builds inclusive partnerships focused on financial support, collaborative functional and technical design, software development, and support for OLE partners.

Our Brand

For access to logo files and information about using the OLE brand, please see our OLE Brand page.

Board Members

Nancy Noe
Auburn University
Dean B. Krafft
Cornell University
Deborah Jakubs
Duke University
Kevin Kidd
Fenway Library Organization
Reiner Diedrichs
Silke Schomburg
Bruce Taggart
Lehigh University
David Carlson
Texas A&M University
Brenda Johnson
University of Chicago
Leslie Reynolds
University of Colorado, Boulder
Leander Seige
Universität Leipzig
Christine Wise
SOAS (University of London)

Our History

The OLE project began as a Mellon funded investigatory collaboration formed in 2008 to determine the viability of an open source library management system. After a favorable analysis, in 2010 the OLE partnership was formed within the Kuali Foundation to build an open source library management system called Kuali OLE. It was released in 2014 and implemented at three of our Partner sites.

To encourage broader participation from others in the library community, the OLE partnership sought to establish a distinct library-centric foundation to support collaborative communities working to develop open source solutions.

Today, OLE operates as a thriving community administered by the Open Library Foundation, and in 2016 joined with EBSCO Information Services and Index Data to develop and implement FOLIO, an open and extensible library services platform. FOLIO builds on, and continues, the OLE vision of deep collaboration among librarians, developers, strategists, service providers, and vendors.

Partner Institutions

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